Welcome to a site almost no one will read. I am here to vent and attempt to be introspective. I have very vague goals at this point but generally, I want to spend this year checking in with myself and doing more art. I have spent a lot of time in my head over the last couple years, and I am feeling the pressure to get everything out. I used to spend more than average time talking about myself; albeit mostly with professionals. But since entering what I delicately but proudly refer to recovery I have done a lot of therapy in my head. It gets lonely.

Things to Expect

  • Stories that are a touch too personal
  • Photography
  • Updates and/or whining about the novel I am working on
  • Travel (oh man I hope so)
  • Doubts, Hopes, Dreams
  • Poetry

I am an artistic person who has let the construct of adulthood smother my spark. Otherwise known as working 60 hour work weeks left little time for writing, etc. For the time being, this year is going to be about drowning myself in passion.

All my love,




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